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Our Apprentice Program

At Massey Electric, we take pride in our in-house Department of Labor-Certified Apprenticeship Program. This valuable opportunity is provided to all our employees at absolutely no cost. Our apprentices benefit from hands-on experience in the field throughout the week, complemented by one night of classroom instruction each week.

By completing this comprehensive four-year program, our apprentices are fully equipped to undertake their Journeyman Electrician Licensing Exam. We are committed to nurturing the growth and development of our employees, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to excel in their electrical careers.

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Our Warehouse

At Massey Electric, our primary objective is to ensure our clients’ projects are completed on time and within budget. In order to establish this as the standard for Massey Electric, we have strategically established warehouses at both of our locations, which are managed by our dedicated in-house personnel. These warehouses serve as vital hubs, housing the equipment required to successfully execute a wide range of projects.

Within each warehouse is a prefab shop that helps us create parts and materials in advance, which saves a lot of time and resources. We also store materials in the warehouses that we need for our ongoing projects. This way, our workers always have what they need close by. The warehouses also serve as service centers for our crews, so they can easily get the materials and support they need.

Having well-equipped warehouses and skilled staff helps us work efficiently, stick to project schedules, and deliver great results to our valued customers.