Employee Info

Welcome to the Employee Info page!

Here you will find essential resources, comprehensive benefits information, and frequently asked questions to support you throughout your time working for Massey Electric. This page is your go-to hub for everything you need to make the most of your experience as a valued member of our team.


Company Benefits

  • Paid Time Off
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Maternity/Paternity Leave
  • Boot & Tool Allowance ($500/year)
  • Weekly Pay Period
  • 401(k) Matching
  • Annual Performance Reviews
  • Merit-Based Raises
  • Profit Sharing
  • Referral Incentive

Health & Wealth Benefits

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Free Virtual Physician
  • Life Insurance
  • Short-Term & Long-Term Disability
  • Accident & Critical Illness Insurance
  • Flex Spending Accounts
  • Wellness Clinics & Incentives
  • Employee Assistance Program

Foreman Benefits

  • Company Truck
  • Gas Card & Maintenance
  • Cell Phone Stipend
  • Company-Issued Tools
Open Enrollment


What do I have to do for open enrollment?

Our insurance options for 2017 are staying the same, including employee premiums. Because there are no changes, only those employees wishing to remove, add, or modify elected benefit options need to take any action during this year’s Open Enrollment period. However, Flexible Spending Account enrollment must be renewed each year.


If you have questions or wish to make changes to your coverage, please contact our HR Director at 865-724-2110.

Can I make changes to my insurance elections during the year?

Outside of the Open Enrollment period, changes in coverage can be made only if/when an employee experiences a change in family status – marriage, divorce, birth of a child, etc. If you do experience such an event and wish to make changes, contact our HR Director at 865-724-2110. Changes must be made within 30 days of the qualifying event.

What happens if I don’t sign up for anything during open enrollment?

Oh, no! Don’t do that. Massey Group uses an active enrollment, which means you can’t just let your choices roll over from year to year. You have to attend the Open Enrollment Information Meeting for your office location and complete the enrollment paperwork.


If you don’t make your choices by December 1st, you’ll have to wait until next year’s open enrollment period before you can sign up for benefits.*


(*Unless you experience a qualifying life event like getting married or divorced, having a baby, or if your spouse loses his or her job.)

What if I make a mistake? Will I be able to fix it after open enrollment closes?

Yes. Our company does allow employees a correction period. All corrections must be made via our HR/Benefits Manager at 865-724-2110. Please note, the correction period is not meant as an extension of the open enrollment period. Only corrections will be accepted during this period.

I will be on vacation during open enrollment. Can I make elections when I return?
No. You must make your elections during the open enrollment period.
Why do I have to provide a Social Security number for my dependents?
Under the Affordable Care Act, health plans must send the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) information about health plan members and their insurance coverage, including their Social Security number (or other tax identification number).