Our mission is to be the electrical contractor of choice by providing the highest level of quality craftsmanship and value reflected by our commitment to integrity, safety, and reliability in exceeding the needs and expectations of every customer, associate, and employee.


Our reputation for customer service has been built one job at a time. We stress the importance that our customers, large and small, receive the same personal service, highest quality materials, most skilled craftsmanship, and highest efficiency systems available.

History of Massey Electric

1957 - 1986


In 1957 Dennie P. Massey founded Massey Electric, with the conviction to build Massey Electric into the most prestigious company in its field.

Massey Electric Co. logo in black and yellow
a man in the chair and the table calculating numbers


For the first seven years, Massey Electric was operated out of Dennie and Margaret’s home in South Knoxville.

a man in black suite sitting in the chair
a man is working with blue print


This is one of the first Massey Electric Service trucks that replaced the old station wagon that was originally used. It was a 1957 red Chevrolet.


This sign was the notice to the public that this lot and 5 others were on the schedule to be rezoned for commercial use. This would soon become the first Massey Electric Headquarters.

man and woman posing in front of the notice sign
three kids are posing on the lawn


This picture was taken in the early stages of building the Massey Headquarters. 3636 Martin Mill Pike, Knoxville, TN 37920 would remain the primary office of Massey Electric for the next 40 years.

people are building the house with concrete blocks
black and white photo of Massey Electric building and parking lot


Massey Family 1973: Father Dennie Massey, Wife Margaret Massey, Children Judy, Randy, and Martha Massey.
a group of people is posing in front of the blue screen


In 1981 Randy Massey wrote the first Subcontractor Payroll system. That very system is still used as the foundation of the company’s payroll system to date.

Data Com, or Low Voltage Wiring, was one of the first divisions Massey created. It was originally called MELCO (Massey Electric Communications) but has changed over the years until it arrived at Data Com.

an old computer with blue screen on the table
Massey Electric Data Comm Division white van


In 1986, Dennie Massey’s son, Randy Massey, accepted the responsibility of CEO. Randy was 29 at the time. Since then he has built Massey Electric Company into one of the most prominent electrical contracting companies in the Southeast service area.

man in a white shirt is holding a baby


At Massey, we believe that our work is only as good as our employees. It was this mentality that drove CEO Randy Massey to develop his own in-house training program to give his current and future employees the skills and experience needed to be the best in the electrical industry.
a professor and students in a class room
a group of men posing in front of white Massey Electric van


The prestigious “Wall of Blue” award was created by CEO Randy Massey in 1990. It is an honor given to a master craftsman who has demonstrated their skills and knowledge in the electrical industry.

wooden board with writings on the wall


The Eagle Award was created to reward those in the training program that go above and beyond. It is presented to the recipient that has shown the most potential and dedication to become a master craftsman.
eagle awards wall
glass rewards standing in a row


In the 1990s Massey Electric began to see a growing demand for electrical work in the Tri-Cities area. To accommodate this growth without sending his employees too far from home, Mr. Massey decided to open an office in Kingsport to support his growing client list in the area.

Massey Electric blue and white building with trucks parked in front of it


When Engineering Field Services was created in 1991 it led its field in innovative technologies that complemented Massey Electric’s existing services. The division was led by Harvey Whayland who joined Massey after retiring from General Electric. He used his knowledge and experience to help lead EFS to be an innovator in its field.


In 1993 CEO Randy Massey saw a growing need for a local, full-service millwright that treats customers like family and equipment with care. Since opening, Cherokee has expanded its services and formed relationships with customers from around the world.

Massey Electric building from the distance
a group of people posing in front of fork-wheel


Springbrook Automation was designed to be a control system design and power monitoring system. It operated out of offices in Knoxville and Chattanooga.

The Morristown location was established for Cherokee Millwright to better serve its customers near this location.

a group of men in blue contractor's hats cheering
white, red and gray one store building with cars parked in front of it


Stock Creek Properties Partnership is an East Tennessee based real estate development and investment partnership founded in 1997. Stock Creek Properties is actively involved in commercial and industrial property development.
multiple shots in one for Massey Properties
Stock Creek logo


After just two years of being open, Eaton Culter Hammer, a Fortune 100 company, acquired Engineering Field Services and Springbrook Automation.

Eaton logo


To better fulfill the needs of their clients, Cherokee Millwright and Mechanical moved their headquarters to Maryville. This move allowed for a larger facility and closer proximity to better serve clients, which helped Cherokee grow into what it is today.

To cut down on product waste and better organize inventory, Massey Electric implemented a bar coding system in 1998 that at the time was an uncommon practice in the electrical industry.

Cherokee Millwright and Metalwords sign next to the building
cardboard boxes with equipment


By 2004 Massey Electric had outgrown its Knoxville location and chose to move to Alcoa for an expansion. Massey moved into a 65,000sf warehouse equipped with environmentally controlled storage to keep materials dry and stable. This new facility allowed for storage of bulk orders, closer proximity to major clients, and additional office space for its growing divisions.

Massey Electric sign at the parking lot


Early on, Massey Electric saw a need in the industry to predict and prevent certain electrical problems from happening. To aid in this prevention, Massey began using thermography and quickly became a resource in the industry for electrical preventative maintenance.

electrical equipment


Randy Massey established Massey Properties to protect his investments in his properties. This allowed his offices and warehouses to be kept separate from the company.
Massey Electric sign at the parking lot


In 2007 Massey Electric celebrated its 50th Anniversary. This day was set 50 years to the day and hour Massey Electric was founded. The event was held at Springbrook Park.

50th anniversary party picture with many signatures


With both Cherokee and Massey offices in Kingsport, it was only a matter of time before yet another expansion was needed to continue fulfilling the growth of these companies.

inside of the warehouse
metal warehouse


In 2010 Massey set out to prove to the industry that it was capable of committing to the high standards of LEED Certification. They did so by meeting the personnel requirements and installing solar panels on the roof of Massey headquarters.

US Green Building Council logo


Due to their continuing commitment to the Blount County community, Massey Electric was given the “Large Business of the Year” award in 2010.

two men posing with reward


To continue our commitment of giving reliable service to our customers and the promises to keep our employees close to home, a branch in Cleveland Tennessee was established for both Massey Electric and Cherokee Millwright.
Massey Electric warehouse and brick building next to it
Massey Electric Kingsport 2013 devision


In 2014 Cherokee Millwright was proud to launch its new Powder Coating division. The Shop is located in Alcoa and also features an alloy shop in the same building.
big gray one store building


With the purchase of an Under Bridge Platform Truck in 2013, Massey Electric expanded its capabilities to include bridge utility installations and maintenance. By providing a platform to complete work under bridges safely and efficiently, the truck allows crews to meet the unique challenges of these structures. 


In 2016, Massey Electric added fire alarm system design, installation, and management services to its portfolio of capabilities. The division was established to fulfill a growing need in the industry and to better serve our customers by offering more comprehensive electrical solutions. Our technicians are certified through the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET).


In August 2017, Massey Electric’s Cleveland, Tennessee office moves into a new facility to accommodate the increased demands for electrical contractors. The new facility includes office space and a 14,000 SF warehouse for bulk material storage in order to continue to complete jobs efficiently.  


On November 1, 2017, Cherokee Millwright and Mechanical was sold to EMCOR Group, Inc., a Fortune 500 mechanical and electrical construction company based in Norwalk, CT.


In 2017, Massey Electric finished its largest job in history, The University of Tennessee’s Strong Hall, a 268,000 SF academic science building. During this 3-year project Massey installed state-of-the-art features such as daylight harvesting sensors and a visualization lab that receives data from NASA’s Mission Control Center.  Massey also installed an industry leading backup generator and arc flash rated switchgear that met the University’s safety priorities.


GEAR was sold to a group of local investors in 2018 to continue its goal of creating staffing solutions in the skilled trade industry.


In November of 2020, Randy Massey’s daughter and son-in-law, Kimberly and Thomas Ford, took over management of Massey Electric with the sale of the company completed in 2021.  Their vision is to continue the growth and success from the previous generations and be the MEP Contractor of Choice for our customers.


In 2021, Massey Electric added a Mechanical Division to its suite of capabilities to be a fully integrated MEP contractor. This division will offer HVAC, Plumbing, Fabrication, and Millwright services. With an emphasis on safety, efficiency, and craftsmanship, Massey’s Mechanical Division strives to be the best in the industry.